Don Henson

Donald Ray Henson, 78
Passed away Saturday, September 23, 2017
Don was born in Louisville to the late Harold Franklin and Kathleen Henson. He played football and ran track during his time at Southern High School. He was afforded a great opportunity to travel with his wife to countless countries and continents during their time with Friendship Force.

He formerly worked as a national account manager for Xerox and operated as a land developer as one of the principals of HFH Inc. He was an avid University of Kentucky Football fan and served his country in the United States Air Force during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Don was preceded in death by his parents; loving wife of 57 years, Karen Rogers Henson; and son, Scott Henson. Survivors include his daughter, Renotta Henson (Becky McKinley); brothers, Ronald D. Henson (Patsy Tinnell) and Philip H. Henson.

 Visitation will be 2-7 p.m. Tuesday at Ratterman and Sons, 10600 Taylorsville Road. Funeral services will be 11 a.m. Wednesday at Ratterman and Sons, with burial to follow at Resthaven Cemetery. 

Memorial contributions, in lieu of flowers, may be made to Youth for Christ, 4102 W Market St., Louisville, KY 40212. Online condolences may be shared at

Don Henson

Crestwood KY
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"My Xerox career started in 1968 with a great deal of wonder"
I wondered why Paul Logsdon had plaques all over his office walls, and Rich Fuchs had none.  Both were sales managers!  Rich said his were packed away.  Why did Dave Deeb walk around yukking all the time? Camel jock talk.  Why did Bill Hetzel, Louisville Branch Manager, remove all chairs from the bullpen? So sales reps would spend less time in the office. We went to Air Devils Inn instead !  Needless to say I  was in the right  place with a bunch of strange people, laughing, joking, zany, but didn’t we have a great time?
My first sales territory was north of Broadway, west of tenth street, west of 18th street and south to county line.  I was told it had more potential than any other.  As a young cub, to me, it truly did.  Now was the time to get a few plaques!!
In 1970 a sales team was formed including Gary Shuetz, Sal Marino and me as team leader, with my high potential territory!  Talking about “hungry guys” this team won $1,000 in our first contest.  We all went to dinner with wives and guys had two entrees of “steak and lobster”.  

In 1971 Karen and I adopted Scott (5) and Renotta (6) siblings.  We built a home in Crestwood, Oldham County.  Stability was important to us and we never moved for a better job.  My two brothers and daughter, Renotta live within a mile. Scott died in 1994 but he is still with us in spirit.    

In 1972, Paul Logsdon moved on to greater heights and I became the Xerox Account Manager for GE, and for major accounts.  In those days, everyone helped each other.  Experienced reps trained us.  Administration helped with billing, proposal writing, etc.What would we have done without service? The tech reps went on tough sales calls with us.
We were all friends and golfed, fished and partied together.
The amazing Xerox experience created a spirit so special to the Louisville Branch, that we were recognized countrywide.  “Come” we said, “and study us and you can learn our high goals and standards”.

In 1974 I was promoted to National Account Manager for General Electric, and had various locations over a 15-year time period. Travel was involved and was controllable. I visited many other Branch Offices but Louisville was head and shoulders above them all. Why?  A combination of talented people, cohesive, with a spirit and confidence accustomed to winning. However, I never saw as many plaques as Paul Logsdon had.  My most memorable award was a 'little red hat with yellow feather' a roadrunner from Evansville. I still have it!  The other awards are packed away, but I didn’t have as many as Paul Logsdon.

Later in 1985 I was promoted to Senior National Account Manager after closing an order for (8) 9200's and recognized as vendor of the year by GE.  
With that of course, was a bigger budget next year.

I left Xerox in 1987 on my terms and no hard feeling.  At that time I was reporting to Joe Mulcahy VP at Corporate, (incidentally his wife Anne Mulcahy  just retired from Xerox as Chairman of the Board), some of my friends were retiring and some had died.  It was time to go, a new era was coming, and The 'Spirit of Xerox' was changing.  Looking back, Louisville had the greatest group of people, amazingly competitive, close knit and loyal.

The next phase of my business career was with Bill Hinton and Harry Frazier.  We formed 'HFH' and focused on real estate development.  We were very successful in a high risk, big money business.  In 1992 I left HFH, moved my office to Crestwood. and since, dabbled in smaller projects.

Several old Xeroids  stop by and some ask do you work? “If doing what you want, when, for whom, and how much, then, yes I work”.  Now at age 72, I learned that loving other people and trusting God, we can explore limits, push harder and achieve what your mind didn't think you could.

Like all of you, “being positive keeps us young”.
Now, I watch golf, football and basketball I enjoy beautiful pictures on remarkable technology. Don't play games much any more and I love to read, learn, and visit my farm and nature.  Sometime Karen and I travel. My last big trip was to Home Depot!

 Yes we can, and yes we did great things together” 

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Karen Rogers Henson,  Wife of Don Henson,
77, passed away Friday, May 5, 2017.

Karen was born in Buffalo, New York to the late Vernon W. and Ethel C. Rogers. She was afforded a great opportunity to travel to countless countries and continents during her time with Friendship Force. Her passion for the arts and drama was exercised through her 26 years of volunteer service to the Center for Performing Arts. She was a member of the Homemakers and enjoyed painting fine china and Faberge eggs, which she incorporated into the theme of her travels.

She was preceded in death by her parents and son, Scott Henson.

Survivors include her loving husband of 57 years, Don Henson; daughter, Renotta Henson; grandchildren, Austin and Isabella.

Visitation will be 3-7 p.m. Tuesday at Ratterman and Sons, 10600 Taylorsville Road. Funeral services will be 1 p.m. Wednesday at Ratterman and Sons, with burial to follow at Resthaven Cemetery.
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Memorial contributions, in lieu of flowers, may be made to Homemakers of Kentucky - Louisville Chapter. Online condolences may be shared at

Xerox 914 Club

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Hank Meador, Service Technician died on July 4, 2015 Austin Robinson died on 6/19/2015 and Les Majors died in late May or early June 2015. 

Jim McCubbin

Jim and son 1975

Jimmy McCubbin
Houston, Tx. 77024
Birthday: Dec. 30, 1941 
Xerox: Louisville, Lexington KY 
May 1973-October 1980,  
Manager: K. David Robertson.  
Jim 2006
I left for a brief 2 years to sell hospital computer systems for Shared Medical Systems with Oscar Wiygul who left Xerox earlier and was a branch manager for Sperry Univac. He recruited me and we moved to Houston. Almost 3 years later they shut down the Energy Branch of Sperry. Oscar moved to Washington D.C and I spent almost 3 years with a computer firm (PSI Energy Software) based in Calgary Canada, serving the Houston energy market. They went bankrupt and I went back into the financial world (pre Xerox I was a banker at 1st National Bk. of Louisville). 

In Sept. 1986 I started working for Shearson Lehman Bros.(retired on July 31, 2010), Shearson Lehman has merged and changed names many times, now known as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. I have officed in the Houston Galleria and had the same phone number for 24 yrs.  I retired this year, July 31, 2010. 

Janice and I have been married for 50 years. Our children are as follows: Vicky Constantine (husband Jerry) live in Louisville they have a daughter Nicole and she has a daughter Bria 7yrs old (our best great granddaughter), Jimmy McCubbin, Jr. (wife Susan) lives within 3 miles of our home in Houston. 3 children, Tanya 23 yrs of age student at Univ. of Houston, Jimmy III 22 yrs of age student at Houston Community College, and Jarrod 20 yrs of age student Texas A/M.  Gene McCubbin (wife Stacy) lives within about 9 miles from us in Houston. They also have 3 children Jarron 20 yrs old student at Houston Baptist University, Jordan 17 year old High School Jr. and Jonathan 13 year old 6th grade student in Houston.

I have ridden in the annual Houston Rodeo Trailride (about 45 miles) every year for the past 16 yrs. and I have discovered snow skiing in my old age (started at age 60) and I ski with my son Gene and his 3 sons every year since then.  

I consider myself extremely lucky to have the family and many friends I have gathered over these many years. 
Janice and Jim McCubbin on a Cruise in Russia
Sept. 2011

Ted Laveck

Ted Laveck in 1971
Ted Laveck
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Ted was the Xerox - Louisville Branch Manager in the early 1970's.  After Xerox, Ted joined Bell Technologies, Inc in Orlando, Florida in 1988 (first known as FW Technologies) where Ted and Pam made their residence in Winter Park, Florida.  He became the President and the first non-family, chairman of Bell Technologies before he retired in 1997 at 62 years young.   While with Bell, Ted completed a merger with "Group Financial Partners" and "Tube Turns", both in Louisville, KY and "Group Technologies" of Tampa, FL.  He then took the new, larger company (Bell Technologies) public!

Today, Ted and Pam live in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (in the Prestigious Sawmill Country Club Community) near Jacksonville, Florida, where they still enjoy golf and spend as much time as possible with their four children and eight grandchildren.  Ted is currently President of the Home Owners Association and a board member of the Sawgrass board of directors.   

Dick Snider

Dick Snider 1978
Dick Snider 2012
Dick Snider  
Louisville, KY
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Dick was an excellent XEROX sales representative during the 1970's and early 80's in the Louisville Branch.  He was a very high energy, high integrity, southern gentleman and a good friend to everyone that knew him.  

In additional to being an outstanding sales representative, he was the drummer with the famous local musical group "The Monarchs"   

Dick Snider 2013
Dick left Xerox in 1982 to become Vice President of Thornton Oil Company in Louisville where he had total responsibility for petroleum and non-petroleum marketing until 1989 at which time he assumed responsibility for "fleet fueling sales" and  corporate affairs until 1999 at which time he accepted a position with York Companies for a while, before becoming the General Sales Manager, Innovative Electronic Desrsigns (IED) at IED On Call here in Louisville.

Today, he is the General Sales Manager for (IED) Innovative Electronic Design, LLC and General Manager for Innovative Electronic Design Support Services (IEDSS).  
Kay Snider 2013
He and Kay were married  in the mid '70s, while both were working with Xerox and today they still live in the Louisville area.    They have two adult daughters (Sarah and Ellen) and a son (Richard) who lives in Colorado.  On July 31, 2013 Dick became a Grandfather for the first time.....a Granddaughter named Harper Rae born in  Breckinridge, Colorado.   Congratulations !!!!

Click here for a video of  "This Old Heart"  by Dick and the Monarchs.
Click here for a video of Dick playing drums at his daughters 2013 wedding "Ellen and Kevin's Wedding" Dick plays drums with the "Endless Summer Band"!

Jim Woodcock

Jim Woodcock
Midland, Texas
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Jim was employed by Xerox Corporation from 1964-1979 holding various positions including worldwide director of training for the office products division. He was in Louisville for many of the Xerox years

He received his degree in economics from Western Kentucky University in 1964.  He and his wife Claire have five children and eight grandchildren.  They divide their time between Midland, Texas; Santa Fe, New Mexico and their ranch in Gunnison, Colorado, where Jim does much "Bow" Elk hunting and usually gets one!  Bow Elk hunting is one of Jim's pastime passions, he stays in good physical condition to cope with the altitude and demanding countryside!
Jim Woodcock is currently managing director of JW Environmental, LLC  specializing in capturing, collecting and turning flared or vented gas into an energy efficient product on a worldwide basis.  Jim has visited every continent, every wonder of the world.  He has been in Iran, Syria, Saudi, Kuwait, Qutar, Bahrain, Oman and Dubai!  He has traveled to every country in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Burma, Napal and Bhutan. He has most recently traveled to Ethiopia, SriLanka and Morocco.  A very interesting note, Jim has done millions of dollars worth of business with Khadafi in Libya.  Jim travels to Europe at least twice a year to his business interests in Italy, Sicily, South Africa and several other countries.

He recently sold Hy-Bon Engineering Co. ( an engineering and manufacturing company that he owned for 30 years.  Additionally, he was chairman and CEO of TransRepublic Resources, a private oil and gas exploration company and founder and chairman of Renovar Energy Corporation, a private waste to energy company. 
Paul Nagel and Jim Woodcock at Churchill Downs 1974
Jim has won several awards, including the Hearst Environmental Award.  

He has served on the boards of several public companies including chairman of Teton Energy Co.  He also has served on non-profit boards and currently sits on the board of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum and the development board of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and is a Member of the Petroleum Museum's Board of Trustees. 

He is an avid sailboat captain and pilot.  He has sailed in waters all over the world and piloted his Twin Engine Cessna extensively.  Jim Woodcock is a world traveler both for business and pleasure, having visited every continent and has had the opportunity to meet and interface with government and corporate officials in many countries on a professional and personal level.  Jim has developed life long relationships with both government and private individuals all over the world.  These relationships have allowed him the opportunity to understand the interworkings of countries and cultures without being bound by traditional government agencies.  

Gary Schuetz

Gary 1974
Gary 2012
Gary Schuetz
Louisville, KY
Gary was with Xerox from 1967 until 1979 as a sales representative and account manager.  He worked for Paul Logsdon and was an excellent sales representative.

After Xerox, Gary founder and President of  E and S Sales and service, a copier supply and service company and Copier Warehouse, a copy machine company.

Gary and Lois have recently (as of April 7, 2017) moved to Greensboro, NC (near their youngest daughter).  They enjoy their morning coffee sitting on their back porch overlooking a large beautiful lake!     Gary and Lois have 9 grandchildren.                                                      
  Walt Schultz-Tom Ruff-Gary Schuetz-Jerry Gardner-George Hodgson-Dick Rudzik
Standing are Vic Arnold and Paul Logsdon

Robert "Bob" Mahoney

Robert "Bob" Mahoney
Georgetown, IL
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Note: Bob was a sales representative in Lexington for K. David Robertson in  the early 1970's during the same time I worked there, along with Skip Winfree, Jim McCubbin, Ed Tuggle, George Hodgson, Bob Black, Ray Kemp, Glenn Baugh and Dick Rudzik.

Here is what Bob had to say when I emailed him:

"OMG!  You can't imagine how often I think of Lexington, Xerox and the people I had the opportunity to work with. My success was the experience of being exposed to men and women who were very skilled, intelligent and it certainly helped me....I used all that I ever learned from those people in my future endeavors". 

"My greatest memory of you is when we (the team) created the movie (16MM!!), "The Day in the Life of a Xerox Salesman".  As I think about it now, for its time it was rather "edgy".  I am surprised the we were allowed to even show it at the annual Regional Meeting".

"My Ft. Lauderdale training and association with the quality people at Xerox gave me the tools to spend twenty successful years with the Quaker Oats Company in Danville, Illinois.  The sale of Quaker brand to PepsiCo was fortuitous for me as I had been purchasing Quaker stock through the 401-K program for many years and the sale reaped a really nice escalation of stock values which continued to improve until my retirement!  Work became history...I thought.  I have been retired for over 14 years now and as much as I thought retirement might be slow and boring, I find it to be anything but".  

"Soon after I left Quaker, I secured a teaching certificate to be a substitute teacher, to keep me busy.  I spent twelve years doing just that and, for the most part, loved every minute  of it.  Many times I rued the initial direction of my college education toward business, when-in fact, my real success could possibly have been as a teacher.  I enjoyed it immensely...even the less than happy parts when discipline was necessary".     
"So, all in all, I have no real regrets with where life has taken us. Sandi and I have lived a good life and do the things that we want to do!  We live in Georgetown, IL, celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary this year, have four fantastic grandchildren and a one year old great-granddaughter.  We both have good health and I will take good health over anything else just about any day of the week"!
"Xerox was a fantastic company and the experience with them resulted in many extended excellent careers".   Bob Mahoney

Bob King

Robert (Bob) King
Buckner, KY

Bob worked in Evansville then Lexington and Finally Louisville when with Xerox

"What a shock to hear from Jim and David Doll.  I thought the email was “spam” at first, but it turned out to be a joyful reunion".  

"Before I start this “attempt’ to catch you up on my life after Xerox, I must say, my short stay at Xerox had a huge impact on my professional life!  I’ve been through many sales training programs but Xerox taught me how to sell.  I never worried about having a job for the rest of my life, I knew I could carry a bag for anyone!  I fondly recall when we would break up in groups for the day and go cold calling and return to the office to see who had the most signed contracts".  
OK, here goes;  What an old man can recall:

"I believe I started first in the Lexington office (possibly Evansville)!  But, in both branches, I met many fine people, but especially David Doll.  David and I had many good times together, (some we may share one day but others should be left unspoken)!  What a friend that I will always remember"!

"In Evansville, Sugar Bear Morris took me under his wing and taught me all of the tricks that are “not taught at sales school”, tricks that enabled me to better do a good job!  Sugar Bear, “My Man”!

"After Xerox I bumped around for a while and ended up back in Evansville, working for Johnson and Johnson.  Married Lois Drake and in 1980 we had our first child.  That division closed and I went to Saginaw, Michigan and our second child was born in 1981".

"Too cold for me so the next year I came back to Louisville and started working for A.T. & T.  Guess what?  My first manager at A.T. & T. was Valerie Lloyd who is married to Ed Lloyd (a Xerox and Kodak sales representative).  In fact the woman I would later marry, (after Lois died), also worked for Valerie!  Its a small world, huh"!

"At AT & T I found a home.  I sold to the small business, construction sector, statewide.  Divestiture came along and I stayed with South Central Bell’s network are,  I then moved to the major accounts banking sector, statewide and sold the first copper based high speed networks in the state and later the first fiber based networks!

I was promoted to small business sales manager in Louisville.  South Central became BellSouth.  I then went to work on the GM’s staff until the GM moved to Nashville and I continued in management in the collection center at Armory Place in Louisville.

Did that until 2000 whn BellSouth became Cingular wireless.  In 2000, after years of turning down promotions that required me to move, I was offered Regional Vice President over the west coast customer operations.  I would have 3000 employees with call centers in California and Louisiana.  We had just put my son in Centre College and my daughter was in Pitt, so I agreed and said “yes”!

I stayed in California until 2005 when it was discovered that I had Sino nasal undifferentiated carcinoma (SNUC), a rare cancer of the nasal cavity and/or paranasal sinuses.  Odds of survival were low but, God let me live.  After 9 months of surgery, chemo, radiation, I returned to work!

All of a sudden, work wasn’t important so I retired in 2005 and returned to Kentucky.  Guess what Kincer......I live in Buckner, KY!

When i returned to Kentucky, we learned the cancer had moved to my brain.  After more setbacks and surgeries, I’m still here!

I got to see my kids well entrenched in their careers, daughter is a corporate attorney at EQT Gas in Pittsburgh and my son is a Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual for the past 16 years.  Was able to spend time with my Dad, who passed at 84 and my Mom is still here at 89!

Bob, Wife Jan,  Daughter Nicole, Son-in-Law Chris, Son Robert III

(Dave Doll and Bob King Dec. 2016)

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