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Jim McCubbin had a stroke

3/13/18  Jim and I talked yesterday and its amazing how good he sounded and how well he said things were going for him.  Early in the week, the doctors removed the kidney stones, checked his heart and blood and permitted him to return to Houston.  Jim is flying back home (Houston) today.  He said while he was recovering, he could feel the good wishes and prayers!  Jim also appreciated the emails from many of you.   CLICK HERE TO EMAIL Jim McCubbin

3/7/18  I spoke with Jim McCubbin today.  He is resting/waiting at his daughters' home here in Louisville.  Janice returned to Houston today and Jim’s son returned yesterday.  Jim is comfortable,  waiting to return to the hospital next week to have the kidney stones removed and go through more exams for the heart and stroke.  If everything looks OK and the kidney stones are removed without complications, he will shortly return to Houston.  As I learn more, I will let you know.  Jim K

3/6/18  From Janice McCubbin:
Jim has multiple kidney stone which blocked the flow to the kidneys and cause reduced function of the kidneys and sepsis in the blood. His nausea and back pain was so severe it put his heart in distress which caused the stroke. Surgery was performed last night putting a stent in to open up the flow to the kidneys. When the infection is clear the stone will be removed next week. He will be returning to Houston in a week or so to see a urologist and a heart doctor.
He has very little side effects from the stroke. All is well and sure felt all those prayed and well wishes. Thanks to all especially my sweet children and friends

3/4/18  (Sunday)  From Janice McCubbin (Jim's wife).  Up-date on Jim's stroke - As of today (Sunday), Jim has had several CT/MRI scans and still no information on where the blockage is or why he has a high fever.  Tomorrow (Monday) he will undergo tests on his heart, looking for blockage or infection.  He is sepsis and 50% kidney failure.  He is a very sick man and looks can be deceiving (he still looks good and shows very little side effects). I will keep you updated as soon as I know more!  Send Prayers our way!

3/3/18  Jim McCubbin flew from Houston to Louisville on Friday, for the first day of his brother's chemo treatment.  Jim had a mild stroke on Friday night here in Louisville, his wife Janice said he appears to be functioning and doing well at this time (Saturday), many tests are being done and they will know more by Monday!   

Jim McCubbin

Jim and son 1975

Jimmy McCubbin
Houston, Tx. 77024
Birthday: Dec. 30, 1941 
Xerox: Louisville, Lexington KY 
May 1973-October 1980,  
Manager: K. David Robertson.  
Jim 2006
I left for a brief 2 years to sell hospital computer systems for Shared Medical Systems with Oscar Wiygul who left Xerox earlier and was a branch manager for Sperry Univac. He recruited me and we moved to Houston. Almost 3 years later they shut down the Energy Branch of Sperry. Oscar moved to Washington D.C and I spent almost 3 years with a computer firm (PSI Energy Software) based in Calgary Canada, serving the Houston energy market. They went bankrupt and I went back into the financial world (pre Xerox I was a banker at 1st National Bk. of Louisville). 

In Sept. 1986 I started working for Shearson Lehman Bros.(retired on July 31, 2010), Shearson Lehman has merged and changed names many times, now known as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. I have officed in the Houston Galleria and had the same phone number for 24 yrs.  I retired this year, July 31, 2010. 

Janice and I have been married for 50 years. Our children are as follows: Vicky Constantine (husband Jerry) live in Louisville they have a daughter Nicole and she has a daughter Bria 7yrs old (our best great granddaughter), Jimmy McCubbin, Jr. (wife Susan) lives within 3 miles of our home in Houston. 3 children, Tanya 23 yrs of age student at Univ. of Houston, Jimmy III 22 yrs of age student at Houston Community College, and Jarrod 20 yrs of age student Texas A/M.  Gene McCubbin (wife Stacy) lives within about 9 miles from us in Houston. They also have 3 children Jarron 20 yrs old student at Houston Baptist University, Jordan 17 year old High School Jr. and Jonathan 13 year old 6th grade student in Houston.

I have ridden in the annual Houston Rodeo Trailride (about 45 miles) every year for the past 16 yrs. and I have discovered snow skiing in my old age (started at age 60) and I ski with my son Gene and his 3 sons every year since then.  

I consider myself extremely lucky to have the family and many friends I have gathered over these many years. 
Janice and Jim McCubbin on a Cruise in Russia
Sept. 2011

Paul Minnis

Paul Minnis  
Howell, MI

Paul started his employment with Xerox in 1972 and transferred in 1976 from the Lansing, MI office to become a sales manager in Louisville.  He was hired by Branch Manager, Jack Davis and worked for BSM, Paul Perconti.  That was the time when Jim Smith and Jerry Gardner were sales managers in Louisville, Al Maybe was in Lexington and John Robison managed the Road Runners in Evansville.  

Paul was Major Account Contract Manager for Public Sector, covering MI, OH, IN, WI, MN, IL and KY.  He retired from Xerox in 2008.

Barbara Minnis, Paul's wife passed away in 2012 and he later married Kim Minnis (pictured here), they are currently building a new home with horse barn on 10 acres in Howell, MI.

Today, Paul and Kim enjoy family and their good health.  They enjoy working out and have started a new health business named 

Skip Winfree

Dennis " Skip" and Lee Winfree. 
Anchorage, Alaska 
Birthday: 2/16/1945 
Email: (Click Here)

I was with  Xerox from 1970 to 1979.  First in Lexington for K David Robertson and in 1973, Xerox moved me to Alaska until I left in 1979.

I had been in Anchorage in 1968, serving  as an Army officer after finishing college at FSU. After the service, returned to Florida in late 1970 to attend law school at FSU. After my 1st. year, (living in a trailer with two children, two jobs and going to law school), I decided "law" wasn't for me. That's when I interviewed for the job with Xerox. 

In 1973, an old Army buddy, also with Xerox in Anchorage, ask if I would be interested in returning to Alaska to help start a Xerox Branch Office. We returned to Alaska for our new adventure and I stayed with Xerox through the oil pipeline boom. In 1979. 
Also, in 1979, my wife, Judi and I divorced (Judi passed away 1989 from cancer).  You will remember, Judi and I had 2 children....Sharon Ann and Robert while we were in Alaska.  
In the early 1980's, my current wife, Lee and I were married and raised my son and daughter.  We now have 5 grandchildren!  Rob has 2 and Sharon has 3.
For a short time, I founded a real estate development company but, in 1980 bought a small seafood company called 10th and M Seafoods.  I had been brokering Salmon and Halibut around the world during 1979 and found I was very sucessful at it. 
Throughout the 80" and 90's our seafood company grew into an international business. 10th and M Seafoods carries over 350 seafood products, processes and markets salmon and halibut to grocery chains, retail stores and  wholesalers throughout the USA and Europe. We are also the largest shipper of perishables by Fed-Ex from Alaska. This is a family business with son Rob VP and Lee is Secretary/Tresurer.  
Our Web site is:
My hobbies include hunting, fishing, flying and racing sports cars. I began racing Porsches in 1979 on the ice in Anchorage and in 1985 turned professional racing at the 24hrs of Daytona. and the 12 hrs of Sebring. We have raced Porsche's many times throught the US. Retiring from pro ranks in the early 90' focus on business. However, in 2005, together w/the Porsche factory, I started a new team to campaign a prototype in the Rolex Spots Car series, beginning with the Daytona 24hr. race in 2006 where we set a new track record and finished 3rd. In our next race, (the Miami Grand Prix) we set a new track record and won our 1st race. Our sponsor was the Ruby Tuesday Restrauant chain for the next 3yrs and we ended a very successful campaign in 2009. Even today, I still enjoy racing in historic sports car races with our 1960 Porsche roadster.  We race throughout the US, mostly on the west coast.
In Alaska, everyone must fly to get around, and since1969  we have had a Piper Cub and continue to fly around Alaska, hunting and fishing with son-in-law, whenever we can sneak away.  

Skip recently appeared in a reality show called "Mounted in Alaska" on the HISTORY Channel.

Skip at 16 years old

         Click Here to see more of Skip's Pictures

Jim Conner

Jim Conner
Certified Relocation Professional(CRP)
Realtor-President's Circle 

Semi-retired from Semonin Realtors,
Continues to hold the Kentucky Brokers License

Louisville, Ky
Phone 502-645-0051           Email:

o I was hired by Bob Smith and Rich Fuchs when I got out of the Army at Ft. Knox in January 1969.

o Trained in Louisville under Don Henson and Gary Schuetz in their West End territory that Don mentioned.

o Moved to the Evansville Area Sales Office(ASO) in June 1969.  Worked for Bob Smith and then Tom Heffner.

o July 1971 went to the sales training center in Rochester.

o 1972 went to the Chicago O'Hare Branch as a Sales Manager.

o 1974 move to the Midwest Region as the 9200 Launch Manager.

o December 1975 moved to Milwaukee as Branch Sales Manager.

o July 1979 went back to the Midwest Region in Chicago.

o March 1980 came back to the Louisville Branch.

o Left Xerox at the end of 1983-went to a company headed by Jim Russell-a former Xerox Omaha Branch Manager.

o Got in the real estate business in 1985 with Semonin Realtors-in my mind they are the "Xerox of the Louisville residential real estate market."  I tell people that those 6 moves with Xerox were actually "on the job training for real estate!"

Today, I do volunteer work with my church, American Red Cross Blood Services, and Meals-on-wheels!

I am blessed with a great wife, Mary, who I met and married at Ft. Knox prior to joining Xerox.  We have 2 daughters, Kelly and Allison, two great son-in-laws-Mitch Emoff  and Tom Whitten and 5 loveable grandchildren(Courtney, Hope, Caroline, Tre and Paige.)

I want to commend David Doll and Don Henson for their candid comments in their bios.  In my own way, I will attempt to do the same:

Priorities in my life continue to be: faith, family, & career.  In that regard, the Good Lord has blessed me and my family abundantly!  Xerox was part of those blessing-what great people everywhere, what great training, what great opportunities, and what great rewards!

Xerox always taught us to set goals for the "long-term," and in that regard, (as we all get older), it's appropriate to prepare "ourselves" for the "long-term", where peace with our Lord is, and in my opinion, so important.  I would be happy to discuss this with any of you at any time.

I look forward to hopefully seeing you all at the next Ex-Xerox event, and in the words of that famous motivational speaker, Zig Zigler,  "See You on Top!"

Dick Rudzik, Jim Conner, Bill Hinton, Bro. Dominic, Bob Reisert, Tom Stuart, Fred Henderson

Here is a picture from the Derby Blitz of 1981(thanks to Jack Colley),   
The Derby Blitz should bring back some real memories!

Sal Marino

Sal Marino
Louisville, KY
Birthday: 10/10/1910
Email: Click here

I joined Xerox in 1968, hired by Rich Fuchs and my first manager was Bob Smith.

10 years in sales, 10 years in service, and 10 years in the Agent Channel.  That adds up to 30 years with Xerox, and it went by too fast!  
I had toooo many managers to list and tooo many to remember.

Left Xerox in 1998 and did nothing to speak of until my private parts grew back which were removed by the big X.

I finally did something for a few years; worked part time in several golf shops here in Louisville.  Had a ball!!!!  Little golf ball humor......

Also played some golf but had to retire from it also; too many back surgeries and I lost sight in my left eye.  I've got plenty of good excuses for bad golf....

My wonderful wife, Gay and I went to Italy for 3 glorious weeks and loved seeing all the sights and seeing where my parents were born.  While there, I was attacked by a band of gypsy girls in Rome.  I survived with my money and dignity in tact.

Had a great time working with Bill and Mark Hinton in the housing market until it went sour.  They are Great guys!!!!!

I am presently working part time selling golf carts for Cunningham Golf Cart Co. If you are in the market for a golf cart, give me a call.  I will sell it to you at the Xerox price know what that means

Gay and I have been married for 46 5 years of my life..

I have one wife
I have one son
I have one daughter-in-law
I have one grandson
I have one cat
I have one house
I have one regret.........and that is not being able to relive some the happiest times of my life being surrounded by the greatest people I have ever known.  

Jim Rowe

Jim Rowe 2010
Jim Rowe
Louisville, KY
Email: (Click Here)
Jim Rowe 2013
Jim was with Xerox from early 1970 till 1984  as a copier and "telecopier" sales representative and sales manager.  He enjoyed much success during his XEROX experience and won many awards and recognition trips!  
After departing XEROX Jim became The District Sales Manager for Paradyne/ATT until 1991 at which time he founded his own company, Panax Video, here in Louisville.
Jim Rowe and Donald Trump

Ted Laveck

Ted Laveck in 1971
Ted Laveck
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Ted was the Xerox - Louisville Branch Manager in the early 1970's.  After Xerox, Ted joined Bell Technologies, Inc in Orlando, Florida in 1988 (first known as FW Technologies) where Ted and Pam made their residence in Winter Park, Florida.  He became the President and the first non-family, chairman of Bell Technologies before he retired in 1997 at 62 years young.   While with Bell, Ted completed a merger with "Group Financial Partners" and "Tube Turns", both in Louisville, KY and "Group Technologies" of Tampa, FL.  He then took the new, larger company (Bell Technologies) public!

Today, Ted and Pam live in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (in the Prestigious Sawmill Country Club Community) near Jacksonville, Florida, where they still enjoy golf and spend as much time as possible with their four children and eight grandchildren.  Ted is currently President of the Home Owners Association and a board member of the Sawgrass board of directors.   

Dick Snider

Dick Snider 1978
Dick Snider 2012
Dick Snider  
Louisville, KY
Email: (Click Here)
Dick was an excellent XEROX sales representative during the 1970's and early 80's in the Louisville Branch.  He was a very high energy, high integrity, southern gentleman and a good friend to everyone that knew him.  

In additional to being an outstanding sales representative, he was the drummer with the famous local musical group "The Monarchs"   

Dick Snider 2013
Dick left Xerox in 1982 to become Vice President of Thornton Oil Company in Louisville where he had total responsibility for petroleum and non-petroleum marketing until 1989 at which time he assumed responsibility for "fleet fueling sales" and  corporate affairs until 1999 at which time he accepted a position with York Companies for a while, before becoming the General Sales Manager, Innovative Electronic Desrsigns (IED) at IED On Call here in Louisville.

Today, he is the General Sales Manager for (IED) Innovative Electronic Design, LLC and General Manager for Innovative Electronic Design Support Services (IEDSS).  
Kay Snider 2013
He and Kay were married  in the mid '70s, while both were working with Xerox and today they still live in the Louisville area.    They have two adult daughters (Sarah and Ellen) and a son (Richard) who lives in Colorado.  On July 31, 2013 Dick became a Grandfather for the first time.....a Granddaughter named Harper Rae born in  Breckinridge, Colorado.   Congratulations !!!!

Click here for a video of  "This Old Heart"  by Dick and the Monarchs.
Click here for a video of Dick playing drums at his daughters 2013 wedding "Ellen and Kevin's Wedding" Dick plays drums with the "Endless Summer Band"!

Jim Woodcock

Jim Woodcock
Midland, Texas
Email: Click Here

Jim was employed by Xerox Corporation from 1964-1979 holding various positions including worldwide director of training for the office products division. He was in Louisville for many of the Xerox years

He received his degree in economics from Western Kentucky University in 1964.  He and his wife Claire have five children and eight grandchildren.  They divide their time between Midland, Texas; Santa Fe, New Mexico and their ranch in Gunnison, Colorado, where Jim does much "Bow" Elk hunting and usually gets one!  Bow Elk hunting is one of Jim's pastime passions, he stays in good physical condition to cope with the altitude and demanding countryside!
Jim Woodcock is currently managing director of JW Environmental, LLC  specializing in capturing, collecting and turning flared or vented gas into an energy efficient product on a worldwide basis.  Jim has visited every continent, every wonder of the world.  He has been in Iran, Syria, Saudi, Kuwait, Qutar, Bahrain, Oman and Dubai!  He has traveled to every country in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Burma, Napal and Bhutan. He has most recently traveled to Ethiopia, SriLanka and Morocco.  A very interesting note, Jim has done millions of dollars worth of business with Khadafi in Libya.  Jim travels to Europe at least twice a year to his business interests in Italy, Sicily, South Africa and several other countries.

He recently sold Hy-Bon Engineering Co. ( an engineering and manufacturing company that he owned for 30 years.  Additionally, he was chairman and CEO of TransRepublic Resources, a private oil and gas exploration company and founder and chairman of Renovar Energy Corporation, a private waste to energy company. 
Paul Nagel and Jim Woodcock at Churchill Downs 1974
Jim has won several awards, including the Hearst Environmental Award.  

He has served on the boards of several public companies including chairman of Teton Energy Co.  He also has served on non-profit boards and currently sits on the board of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum and the development board of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and is a Member of the Petroleum Museum's Board of Trustees. 

He is an avid sailboat captain and pilot.  He has sailed in waters all over the world and piloted his Twin Engine Cessna extensively.  Jim Woodcock is a world traveler both for business and pleasure, having visited every continent and has had the opportunity to meet and interface with government and corporate officials in many countries on a professional and personal level.  Jim has developed life long relationships with both government and private individuals all over the world.  These relationships have allowed him the opportunity to understand the interworkings of countries and cultures without being bound by traditional government agencies.  

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