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Hank Meador, a Service Technician died on July 4, 2015 Austin Robinson died on 6/19/2015 and Les Majors died in late May or early June 2015. 

Bill Hinton

Bill Hinton 2015
Bill Hinton
Louisville, KY

Bill was with the Xerox Corporation from the early beginning of the Louisville Branch.  Prior to Xerox, he worked with GE as a territory manager.  Bill was a major account manager (and particularly the GE account manager) for all of the time that I worked with him.  He was an outstanding salesman and was always on or above plan.  

During his final years at Xerox, Bill and Don Henson began building houses and learned the land development business.  After retiring from Xerox Bill became one of the largest developers in the Louisville area.  He and Phyllis still live in Louisville.  Today Bill is retired but is involved in this son's building company as a consultant.

Bill still hunts and fishes as often as possible, in fact he and Dick Johnsen (with friends) have been hunting in North Dakota several times a year for the past 15 years.  Bill has been and is a very good friend and I value that friendship very much.  Bill and Phyllis are two of the nicest people that I know!

Julie Karp

Julie Karp
Louisville, KY

Julie was with Xerox in the early 1970's through early 1980's.  She was very successful in various sales positions including major accounts, the finance and insurance market in the Louisville area.  Julie worked for Manager Dick Johnsen as a Financial Account Rep and was successful in landing most of the banks in Louisville!  Julie was a hardworking, determined sales representative!(If anyone knows the where-a-bouts of Julie, please let us know by leaving a comment, so we can update her profile).

Ed J. Lloyd

Ed and Vallerie Lloyd
Ed J. Lloyd
Dawsonville, GA

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I am surprised how often I find myself thinking back remembering the “good old days at Xerox,” and wondering what everyone is doing today. I tried calling the branch several years ago to see if anyone was still there that I knew. After being told by the receptionist again and again “never heard of that person” I finally said just give me the oldest person there. That’s when Marilyn Becht answered the phone. (Only kidding)  But that was what I told Marilyn when she answered. I can’t tell you what she told me to do with the phone.

I started with Xerox in 1974 when Mark Eisner was the branch manager on Breckinridge Lane. Roy Goldblatt got me the interview with Ron Hoffman, against his better judgment, hired me. In 1978, after being declined by Bill Allen and Dick Snyder, Kodak offered me the job of opening their first branch in Kentucky. Shortly thereafter I convinced Kodak management to go out on a limb and hire Roy Goldblatt. I moved to Atlanta with Kodak in 1985. Our division was sold to Danka in 1997. In 2000 I went to Lexmark International till November of 2010 when I got a separation package.  My trophy wife Vallerie was with Bell South and AT&T from 1978 till she took a separation package in 2009.

Bob Gilbert

Bob Gilbert 1972
Bob 1974
     Bob Gilbert
     Louisville, KY
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     Xerox Sales: 12/1971 to1/1976 Evansville
     Xerox Branch Equipment Manager: 1976-1977
     Managers: Tom Heffner, John Robison, Glenn
     Baugh.  After Xerox I Worked in the business
     forms industry from 1977 to 1984. We founded "INFO-COMM" Corporation which became "Copiers Plus" in 1984. In the beginning we were a dealer for Nashua and eventually became a dealer for XEROX (top fax dealer in the United States for XEROX in 1990), for Konica,Panasonic and Hewlett-Packard. Left business in 2008 and currently work in Materials Management with Norton Healthcare at their new Brownsboro Road facility.
Info-Comm Trade Show
John Robison and Bob Gilbert (1974)

Bob and Kathy Gilbert
Kathy and I have been married for 31 years.  We have two sons, Brian, age 37 and Brad, age 27.  Four grandchildren who live in Pennsacola, FL. I Enjoy traveling, golf and cooking.  Kathy and I live in LaGrange, KY

Bob enjoys the "Oldies" Music during and after the Xerox Years.
Here he is playing the Oldies and hosting as a DJ at a party at
the VFW 

Jim Kincer

Jim Kincer
Jim Kincer
Pewee Valley, KY
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Kincer was with Xerox from 1970 until April 1978.  He worked as a sales representative for K. David Robertson, in Lexington and later promoted to sales manager in Louisville.   

After leaving in 1978, he founded "Copy Corporation" (Canon Copier Dealer) with partner David Doll.  Kincer purchased Doll's interest in late 1979.  Copy Corporation was very successful over the next few years and became the largest independent copier company in Kentucky with offices in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro and Evansville.  Copy Corp was sold to IKON Office Solutions 1989 and Kincer was given a contract to manage the business until 1996. 

In 1990 Jim and his wife Joyce purchased two Louisville radio stations WFIA and WXLN-FM and operated both stations until they were sold in 1995.  (Jim's radio working experience began at  14 years old as a radio announcer (DJ) at his hometown radio station WNKY, until he attended college in Richmond, KY and worked through college at WEKY.

In 1992 Kincer was elected the Mayor Pewee Valley, KY . This job was truly a challenging and educational experience!

Joyce and Jim Kincer
Jim "retire" in 1996 but, retirement didn’t last long, that year 1996, he founded a water purification company, (AquaPerfect) selling, leasing and servicing water coolers (to businesses).  The business grew throughout the state of Kentucky and sold to QUENCH USA in 2002.  

Today, Kincer is retired, he and his wife  manage their 30 year old residential rental property business, 
JK Property (  
The whole gang is here!  2013

Joyce and Jim have three children, Nikkii, Jimmy and Derek. They also have six grandchildren.

Victor Arnold

Vic Arnold 1974
Vic Arnold 2013
 Vic Arnold
Norton Commons
Louisville, KY
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Vic was born and raised in Louisville, he attended Trinity High School and attended Eastern University. He was a super Xerox sales representative during the 1970's.  Working with the Gem Team for Paul Logsdon.
Vic (2014) 

Victor was liked by everyone and in our Xerox days, he was
Vic Arnold (2010)
very much a lady's man. Vic moved to California in the early 1990's and returned to Kentucky in 2015 and currently resides in Norton Commons here in Louisville.  He is a sales representative for Konica/Minolta on Bluegrass Parkway.  

Tonii Rizzo

Tonii Rizzo 1975
"Football Fever"
Tonii Rizzo 2011
Tonii Rizzo  
Louisville, KY
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Prior to Xerox, Tonii worked with Proctor and Gamble as a sales representative.He joined Xerox in Louisville in the early 1970's as a territory manager, was promoted to several sales, marketing and leadership positions before leaving in the early 1980's to join NTS Development company.  While at Xerox Tonii won many sales and management awards and was number one in the nation for several years.
Martha and Tonii 2013
Tonii 2008
Today, Tonii is preparing to retire this year (2013), as Sr.  Vice President of Abel Construction Company, he and Martha still reside in Louisville.  They enjoy traveling, cruises and their three grandchildren.
Tonii has been chairman of the board of trustees of the  Children’s Hospital Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Kosair Children’s Hospital.  He, serves on the boards of several youth-oriented and philanthropic organizations, including Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana. Tonii has also been very active with Greater Louisville Inc. and the Kentucky Derby Festival for many years.

Paul Logsdon

Paul Logsdon
Louisville, KY
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Retired from Xerox in 1979 after Bill 
Allen and I bought the Command Performance Salon franchises for Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina.

We opened salons in Louisville, Charleston and Columbia South Carolina and Memphis Tennessee. Plus two in Lexington with K. David Robertson. I also started a printing business and a packaging and shipping service with my sons in the eighties.

I sold the last of my businesses in 1996 and retired. Ruth and I still live in the same house we built in Plainview in 1975 while at Xerox.   

We have three children, Mark, Paula and Scottplus a grandson Chris who is a freshman at U of L.

Our main retirement activities have been Motor Home travel throughout the country and the many cruises to Europe, Alaska, Mexico, Panama Canal and the Caribbean. Editors Comment: Paul Logsdon has every prize or trophy he ever won from Xerox (still in the packaging)!       
           Walt Schultz-Tom Ruff -Vic Arnold-Gary Schuetz-Jerry Gardner-Paul Logsdon-George Hodgson-Dick Rudzik

John Robison

John Robison  (1974)
John Robison (Nov. 2013)
John Robison   
Louisville, KY 
Birthday  11/29
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Prior to Xerox my work experience was with Standard Oil for 6 years. I joined Xerox in 1966 as a salesman in Indianapolis and in 1969, was promoted to sales manager and Sales Planning Manager in Milwaukee, then to Area Manager in 1973 when I moved to Evansville and became a “Roadrunner” for the next 10 years.  In 1983 I became the Agent Operations Manager for the Ohio and Kentucky District, which grew, and in 1987 became the Region Manager for the Dealer Channel covering 13 States.  I retired from Xerox in 1993 after 27 great years!
John 2010

In 1992, my son Brad, wife Donna and I founded “XBE” Xerographic Business Equipment located in Indianapolis and Lafayette, Indiana as well as Louisville, Kentucky.  In 2000 we sold Indianapolis and Lafayette to focus and grow the Louisville operation located at 2119 Frankfort Avenue and became a Sharp Electronics Dealer and Xerox Wide Format Dealer. In a 2006 we purchased our competitor “Electric Blueprint & Supply”, a well known local company established in 1916, (thus our current name XBE/Electric Blueprint and Supply), the exclusive Xerox Wide Format (Engineering Equipment) in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

John in 1979
My Hobbies include fishing, reading and as many of you know, I am an avid sports fan.  Donna and I really enjoy traveling and have visited many great places and have many wonderful memories.

Donna and I have been married for 54 years and have two sons, Steve and Brad.  Steve and his wife Juliet reside in Lexington and have given us two wonderful grandchildren.  Brad and his wife Mary Ellen live in Louisville and have also given us two wonderful grandchildren.

Paul Nagel

Paul Nagel

Paul Nagel
Atlanta, GA
Birthday 10/6
Email: Click Here

My Xerox career began in 1970, at which time I received a very large 5 figure “Sign-On Bonus” to join the team!

Paul at Churchill Downs 1975
My first manager was Tom Ossenford then Jim Woodcock, Bill Haggerty and Jack Davis.  I was a Sales Representative, Sales Manager, 9200 Sales Manager during my career, and even though my teams won more plaques, trophies, certificates and gifts than Logsdon, we are more modest and choose not to show them all in a picture!  
I resigned the big X in 1979 and accepted a position with NTS, a commercial developer.  The Nagel family moved to Atlanta to open an office/warehouse project with NTS, and after completing the project, went to work with local Atlanta developer as V.P. project leasing!
In 1985, accepted a position with an Atlanta brokerage firm to run their office leasing division and became the company president in 1987 until I left in 1989.  And in 1989, founded my own commercial brokerage/management company and after 21 successful years, continue to manage and operate my own business.
I have been happily married for 42 years to Carol; we have two sons, two grandchildren, and one old dog!
As many of you know, my hobbies include golf, tennis, bowling, travel and “political conversations”.
Carol 2011
Xerox was good to me and I have many fond memories of the people I worked "for" and "with" during my time at Xerox, which was a special time in my life and I know that’s how many of the people in the Louisville Branch feel.
Paul 2011
Paul 2015
We need to have another reunion and this time let’s make sure that Jim Durman can be there so we can get some insider tips.

K. David Robertson

   K. David Robertson
   Gunnison, CO
   Email:  Click Here
   David was a Xerox GEM Sales 
   Representative for Kentucky State
Government in the mid to late 60's.  

Dave and Dianne 

After a successful sales career he was promoted to Manager in Lexington,  during the 1970's as Area Manager Dave won many performance and recognition awards and special Xerox Presidents and Par Club trips.  Dave was a very good sales manager and had an outstanding ability to "read" people (customers and employees).  I remember one time when Dave and the Lexington Team hosted a dinner for Xerox VP Jim Keil in Lexington.  As a special gift that Dave and the team presented Jim Keil was real authentic "Kentucky Moonshine"!  The gift was very unique and something Mr. Keil or the Lexington Team would never forget! 
K. David and Diane have two sons and one Grandson.  
The entire family now lives in beautiful Colorado.
K.David, Diane, Wendy, Danny, Michelle and Christian
Grandson Temple and Callie (dog)

2012 "Diane and I are still enjoying Colorado, - skiing in the winter and golf and biking in the summer.
Attached is the gang. It is great to be a lot closer to all of them".

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