Victor Arnold

Vic Arnold 1974
Vic Arnold 2013
 Vic Arnold
Norton Commons
Louisville, KY
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Vic was born and raised in Louisville, he attended Trinity High School and attended Eastern University. He was a super Xerox sales representative during the 1970's.  Working with the Gem Team for Paul Logsdon.
Vic (2014) 

Victor was liked by everyone and in our Xerox days, he was
Vic Arnold (2010)
very much a lady's man. Vic moved to California in the early 1990's and returned to Kentucky in 2015 and currently resides in Norton Commons here in Louisville.  He is a sales representative for Konica/Minolta on Bluegrass Parkway.  

Vic (Dec. 2015)
Vic (Derby 2016)

Vic (2016)
Vic Arnold (2013)  

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