Steve Oblinger 12/10/1944 - 11/09/2017

Stephen Marshall Oblinger (1944 - 2017)


MOOREFIELD, Ohio — Stephen Marshall Oblinger, age 72, of Moorefield, formerly of Troy, passed away Thursday, November 9, 2017, at his residence.

He was born in Dayton on December 10, 1944, to the late Julius Walter and Betty Jane (Marshall) Oblinger.

Stephen is survived by one Aunt: Jean Campbell of Springfield; seven cousins: Jayne (Carl) Yoakem of Springfield, Sandra (Ralph) Homan of New Albany IN, Joyce (Brad) Webb of Springfield, Jim (Judy) Lehman of Powell, Marianne (Ray) Brown of Columbus and Wanda (Bud) Weber and Linda (Ken) Kreitzer, both of Dayton; and numerous friends from Hawaii to Florida to Michigan.

Stephen graduated from Troy High School in 1963 and then from University of Kentucky in 1968 with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Advertising.

He worked for over forty years selling office equipment before retiring. Stephen was a member of First Presbyterian Church in Troy. He was also a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, where he held numerous offices, Omega Chapter. Stephen was 1988 Alumni of the Year.
Graveside Service will be held at 2 PM on Friday, November 17, 2017, at Riverside Cemetery in Troy. Burial will follow.
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Steve Oblinger
Troy, Ohio

Steve 1974

Hello and best wishes to all my former associates and Xeroids! Thanks to Jimmy K and any others involved in this effort to get us (somewhat) together again. I have really been taken back to many pleasant memories as I read profiles and checked out the pictures.
In December of 1971, Gary Stitz and Tom Ossenford hired me at Xerox and considering I graduated from UK, was asked to start in Lexington and work for K. David Robertson.
Target Practice with Watermelon Seed
It was really exciting and rewarding to have won a number of awards, plaques, prize points and the famous Jim Woodcock Silver Julep Cups and Platters along with many other fun and useful items.  I still remember how proud I was, winning a “Bulova Accuquartz” watch, and a Sharp calculator that was about the size of a pack of cigarettes. I used that calculator for years, (even as they continued to get smaller and smaller) and was still wearing that watch when cell phones became popular.
Upon my resignation from Xerox in 1978 I accepted a position with “Baxter Travenol” (a hospital supply company) in Indiana where I had great success in rebuilding a depressed territory.
After rebuilding the hospital supply territory, a friend approached me to assist their family in building a travel business with a British manufacturer of auto parts here in the US. (All I could think of was how often George Hodgson's MG was in the repair garage across the street from the Xerox office) so this job was a “No Brainer”!
After a successful experience in the travel business, I began working for Atlantic Envelope in Shelbyville, KY and quickly became sales manager with seven reps in a six-state area.  It was enjoyable and creative, but as many of you know, being a "Road Warrior" was very challenging.  Even though travel was a challenge, I accepted another position with a manufacturer of lady's clothing out of Florida called “Sanibel Sport” which also required a great deal of travel that was very difficult and demanding on my marriage!  While searching for another job without the travel, my wife, Pat, learned that she had cancer and eventually passed away, peacefully and comfortably in a Hospice Hospital.

After Pat passed away, I moved back home to Troy, Ohio and landed a job with Woodhull Copiers in Dayton, selling RISO digital printers, with much success for six years.  My success caught the attention of RISO (the manufacturer) and at that time, had a desire to move to Florida.  So I moved to Orlando and sold the RISO products directly for RISO, however, shortly after moving to Florida, RISO had a national cutback and I was downsized for a couple of days.  I quickly began working for OfficeMax as a Senior Sales Supervisor for corporate accounts in Ft. Myers, FL, until my father passed away at the ripe old age of 90 . (Mother died prior to the move to Florida).  While in Troy, Ohio on a leave of absence to finalize my father's estate I made the decision to retire and not return to Florida or to work.  

Finally, as soon as I submit this report, my retirement will be official ! Now, you know the REST of the story!  

May 1,2011 Letter from Steve Oblinger to all Xerox 914 Club members.

     I would like to extend overall thanks for all of the Xeroids who called, sent messages, and had me in their thoughts and prayers while I recently was confined to a hospital and extended care facilities for my vacation in Florida.  (Rumor had it that a beach and salt water were near my non-choice of lodging.)
     I will be writing directly to each of you in the near future, and I really did appreciate the thoughts and overwhelming support and concern.  It may give you a hint of the cell phone activity when I tell you that the speaker blew out of my phone from so many calls and voicemails so I was without a phone for a few weeks before I was able to get permission to get a ride to a Verizon store and buy a new phone.  For all of you that left messages, I probably lost many of them and apologize for not responding. Plus, I was really "out of it" for a month or so and probably would have mentioned a ton of States secrets that I am bound to keep to myself and my team.  
     Once I got home, I was so happy to get a U.S.P.S. basket containing 8 weeks of mail and "bills" and I was not quite as happy to be home as I thought I would be. 

     Finally, I am up to date, feeling stronger and have another month or so to go before the surgery heals and I can pick up my activity level, from nil to nil+.
     Thanks again for all and I have invited myself to the next Xerox 914 Club board meeting as I have a number of questions about my territory and quota.  I should be strong enough then.  Best of luck and great health to all.  

Your friend and Xeroid, 


Anonymous said...

I just learned that Steve recently broke his leg! What do you know about that?

Jim Kincer said...

He was getting out of his car going into a pub, turned his ancle against the curb and broke it in three places. He had a very bad year from a health point of view.

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