John Robison

John Robison  (1974)
John Robison (Nov. 2013)
John Robison   
Louisville, KY 
Birthday  11/29
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Prior to Xerox my work experience was with Standard Oil for 6 years. I joined Xerox in 1966 as a salesman in Indianapolis and in 1969, was promoted to sales manager and Sales Planning Manager in Milwaukee, then to Area Manager in 1973 when I moved to Evansville and became a “Roadrunner” for the next 10 years.  In 1983 I became the Agent Operations Manager for the Ohio and Kentucky District, which grew, and in 1987 became the Region Manager for the Dealer Channel covering 13 States.  I retired from Xerox in 1993 after 27 great years!
John 2010

In 1992, my son Brad, wife Donna and I founded “XBE” Xerographic Business Equipment located in Indianapolis and Lafayette, Indiana as well as Louisville, Kentucky.  In 2000 we sold Indianapolis and Lafayette to focus and grow the Louisville operation located at 2119 Frankfort Avenue and became a Sharp Electronics Dealer and Xerox Wide Format Dealer. In a 2006 we purchased our competitor “Electric Blueprint & Supply”, a well known local company established in 1916, (thus our current name XBE/Electric Blueprint and Supply), the exclusive Xerox Wide Format (Engineering Equipment) in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

John in 1979
My Hobbies include fishing, reading and as many of you know, I am an avid sports fan.  Donna and I really enjoy traveling and have visited many great places and have many wonderful memories.

Donna and I have been married for 54 years and have two sons, Steve and Brad.  Steve and his wife Juliet reside in Lexington and have given us two wonderful grandchildren.  Brad and his wife Mary Ellen live in Louisville and have also given us two wonderful grandchildren.

Some of my greatest memories are the Louisville Branch and Marc Eisner’s team of Xerox Thoroughbreds in 1974.  Also, the 1974 Kickoff and the “Roadrunner Challenge”, “The Silver Horseshoe”, “The Derby Blitz”, The Awards, Churchill Downs and The Oaks!  I have many great memories of the Evansville Roadrunners and all of the people that made the Louisville Branch and Evansville ASO so Great!  Those were great times!   
Evansville Roadrunners
*Missing are Pete Arnold and David Doll.

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