Marc Eisner

Marc 2013
Marc Eisner
Manhattan Beach, CA.
Birthday April 4, 1939
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I had the very good fortune to be Louisville Branch Manager from mid 1972 to mid 1974.  I was associated with a uniquely talented, motivated and fun group during those years, which represent some of the best of my 19 year Xerox career.  

Marc piloting the Houseboat in 1974
From Louisville I went to Branch Manager, Kansas City, and then 9200 Program Manager in the Central Region, that position sucked, and finally Branch Manager, Chicago Major Markets.  After leaving Xerox in 1981 Michele and I relocated to California. 

Professionally the next five years were more than challenging.
At the end of 1985, Louisville came back into my life. Jack Davis called.  He was with NTS at that time and they were looking for someone to represent their investment product on the west coast.  As I was then busily rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, I pursued the opportunity and have never looked back.  

In 2013 I retired from my position as President of Cypress Capital Corporation, an Equipment Leasing company.  I was with Cypress for 14 terrific years and enjoyed every minute! Cypress closed my office and the opportunity to retire was right. 

Michele and Marc Eisner 1974
My wife Michele, passed away on June 5, 2011.
 I have four adult children and 12 grandchildren.  They are all a joy. I travel, love to read, and work out fairly regularly. Fortunately, my health is still good and   Thank you Jim for putting this project together.  It has been a joy catching up with those I worked with in Louisville. They were great times!
Marc T. Eisner

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