Paul Nagel

Paul Nagel

Paul Nagel
Atlanta, GA
Birthday 10/6
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My Xerox career began in 1970, at which time I received a very large 5 figure “Sign-On Bonus” to join the team!

Paul at Churchill Downs 1975
My first manager was Tom Ossenford then Jim Woodcock, Bill Haggerty and Jack Davis.  I was a Sales Representative, Sales Manager, 9200 Sales Manager during my career, and even though my teams won more plaques, trophies, certificates and gifts than Logsdon, we are more modest and choose not to show them all in a picture!  
I resigned the big X in 1979 and accepted a position with NTS, a commercial developer.  The Nagel family moved to Atlanta to open an office/warehouse project with NTS, and after completing the project, went to work with local Atlanta developer as V.P. project leasing!
In 1985, accepted a position with an Atlanta brokerage firm to run their office leasing division and became the company president in 1987 until I left in 1989.  And in 1989, founded my own commercial brokerage/management company and after 21 successful years, continue to manage and operate my own business.
I have been happily married for 42 years to Carol; we have two sons, two grandchildren, and one old dog!
As many of you know, my hobbies include golf, tennis, bowling, travel and “political conversations”.
Carol 2011
Xerox was good to me and I have many fond memories of the people I worked "for" and "with" during my time at Xerox, which was a special time in my life and I know that’s how many of the people in the Louisville Branch feel.
Paul 2011
Paul 2015
We need to have another reunion and this time let’s make sure that Jim Durman can be there so we can get some insider tips.

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