Ken Heim

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Ken Heim
Barrington, IL
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After graduating from Western University, Ken began his Xerox career in Evansville as a sales representative.  From Evansville, he moved to the Lexington ASO as a Duplicator Specialist.
Ken continued to climb the Xerox management ladder until the mid 1980's at which time he left Xerox to develop his own successful business in Chicago.  While with Xerox, Ken was in the middle of all things, the great sales deals, the fun trips and events and the trouble making situations, I think Xerox had to buy a couple of hotels after a "Ken Party"! LOL  He was with Xerox from the early the 1970's until the mid  1980's.  He was always liked by everyone and was always having fun.

Today, Ken works with JDK Integrated Solutions for the Mobil Wallet,  JDK, a privately held company is headquartered in Chicago. JDK’s vision is to provide every business the ability to acquire the mobile technology and financial infrastructure that enables them to compete in global markets and at the same time enrich the lives of their customers. Ken has served as an officer of the company since its inception. Ken has more than 30 years experience providing enterprise technology solutions and business development. During that time, Ken spent 12 years in Business Process Outsourcing designing service offerings for global outsourcing clients to attract new business in emerging markets.

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