Jim Mannari

James (Jim) Mannari
Scottsdale, AZ 
Email: (Click Here)
Jim was a very successful Xerox Sales Representative, while working for ASO Manager, K. David Robertson in Lexington, KY during the early ‘70’s.  I am not sure how long he stayed with the Lexington Xerox Team, but believe he was promoted and moved to the Cincinnati, Ohio Xerox Branch after his successful performance in Lexington.  I understand that Jim and K. David (and families) have maintained a close relationship during and after Xerox. (Perhaps K.David or Jim will update our information).
Jim has had a very successful business life.  Both with Xerox and after Xerox.  According to our sources, Jim has built a very successful company over the past 20 years in with corporate offices in Scottsdale, AZ , MARBLELIFE…. A Worldwide Stone, Tile & Grout restoration and maintenance service.  They are providers of marble services throughout the world.  Mablelife has more than 50 offices around the world, staffed by over 200 MARBLELIFE trained stone restoration professionals.  
Phone: 480.483.3745
Website:  Marblelife.com


Anonymous said...

Where does Jim Live today? Is he still working or is he retired? Do you know his email address?

Becca@Grout Cleaning Melbourne said...

This man is very admirable, I think his good dedication is his weapon to succeed and grow in every aspect of his work.

Anonymous said...

Jim Lives in Scottsdale, AZ

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