Jim Kincer

Jim Kincer
Jim Kincer
Pewee Valley, KY
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Kincer was with Xerox from 1970 until April 1978.  He worked as a sales representative for K. David Robertson, in Lexington and later promoted to sales manager in Louisville.   

After leaving in 1978, he founded "Copy Corporation" (Canon Copier Dealer) with partner David Doll.  Kincer purchased Doll's interest in late 1979.  Copy Corporation was very successful over the next few years and became the largest independent copier company in Kentucky with offices in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro and Evansville.  Copy Corp was sold to IKON Office Solutions 1989 and Kincer was given a contract to manage the business until 1996. 

In 1990 Jim and his wife Joyce purchased two Louisville radio stations WFIA and WXLN-FM and operated both stations until they were sold in 1995.  (Jim's radio working experience began at  14 years old as a radio announcer (DJ) at his hometown radio station WNKY, until he attended college in Richmond, KY and worked through college at WEKY.

In 1992 Kincer was elected the Mayor Pewee Valley, KY . This job was truly a challenging and educational experience!

Joyce and Jim Kincer
Jim "retire" in 1996 but, retirement didn’t last long, that year 1996, he founded a water purification company, (AquaPerfect) selling, leasing and servicing water coolers (to businesses).  The business grew throughout the state of Kentucky and sold to QUENCH USA in 2002.  

Today, Kincer is retired, he and his wife  manage their 30 year old residential rental property business, 
JK Property (RentLouLou.com).  
The whole gang is here!  2013

Joyce and Jim have three children, Nikkii, Jimmy and Derek. They also have six grandchildren.

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