Linda Lynch Biere (formerly Hermann)

Don and Linda Biere
Linda Lynch Biere
Louisville, KY 
Birthday:  April 12
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Xerox: 1975 to 1989 and again in 2001 to 2002
I was a Xerox Product Trainer

Business careers after Xerox:  
I worked with Commodore Business Machines (Sales Trainer) 1989- 1992, Sunbeam-Oster Household Products (Marketing), 1992-1994; International Paper/Strathmore Fine Papers
1994-1996, Sales Assistant (while finishing bachelor degree at Roosevelt University (Chicago); Curtis 1000 (Printing Sales) 1996-2000, and back to Mother X as Account Manager, Legal Market.  

And then after Xerox in 2002 I worked with BDS Channel Partners, Mosaic/BVHE (both part-time mechandising and sales support), and most recently, Don and I worked at the National Processing Center for Census Bureau!   This last was the single most boring job I have ever had, but I still managed to learn something new every day.  The whole process is like making sausage -- the end product is very nice, but the actual making is pretty icky.

I married CW5 (Retired) Donald J Biere on June 18, 1988.  

I have two sons, David & Michael, and Don has two daughters and two sons (all of our children are grown), and he has 8 grandchildren!  

My mother passed away in March 2010 at 93.  
She didn't look a day over 70 when she put herself together, and continued to make new friends, read lots of books, and enjoy her Bloody Marys to the very end.

We also have two cats, “Thelma & Louise”, that we got from “Alley Cats”.

Until last year, Don completed military contracts in Iraq and Albania, and field work for FEMA.  After his coronary aretery stent placement, I have “nailed” his shoes to the floor, at least unless I get to go with him.  

We have taken a couple of European River Cruises, visited friends in Germany, and plan to visit his son, CSM Michael Biere, in Kaiserschlaten, Germany this summer.  

We enjoy entertaining, doing things to the house, and having/attending yard sales.  

Don and I have been poll workers for the past7 years, which is both an education and an entertainment.  We also volunteer in the Emrgency Department at Norton Brownsboro Hospital on Monday afternoons, and occasionally see Bob Gilbert there.

We are fortunate to have good health, good friends, and good family.  
I have been a member of the Rotary Club of Prospect/Goshen for 13 years, and am on the Board of Directors of the RCP/G Foundation.  
Currently, I am President of the Presentation Academy Alumnae Board, which is a lot of fun because it involves reconnecting with my former classmates, and being able to participate in various activities held in the new Arts and Athletic Building.


Linda Biere said...

In June 2009, Don was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, which (thankfully) is progressing very slowly. We still volunteer at NBH, and are planning a river cruise from Paris to Normandy in October. Thelma & Louise have gone to the big litter box in the sky, but will be replaced in the near future. We have great friends, a wonderful combined extended family, and look forward to enjoying our lives together.

Linda Biere said...

A lot has changed since my last posting. We moved to a patio home in Springhurst in September 2014, adopted two cats, Vito and Rocco, and adjusted our lifestyle as Don's Alzheimer's has progressed. He is now in Memory Care at Sunrise, in good general health, and I am able to visit with him every day. Thanks to good friends and a wonderful family, I am able to say that each day is interesting and fulfilling. I have volunteered in the Emergency Department at Norton Brownsboro Hospital for seven years, and serve on two committees there. John and Marilyn Becht also live nearby, and it is fun to see them in the neighborhood.

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