1972 Evansville Team (The Original Roadrunners)

Here are some pictures of the Original Evansville "Roadrunner" Team from 1972.  David Doll has provided these great pictures and I am sure you will enjoy.  Dave has named some pr the people, but if you know the names of the others, please let me know.  Thanks Dave!
Bob (Rubber Duck) Gilbert
Dan Oates
Dave Doll
Dianna Troutman
Jim Foreman 
Ken Heim
Larry Morris
Marlene Pace
Pete Arnold
Guido Berak
Wayne Chilton (Jasper Rep)
Carroll Lawrence
Tom Heffner
Please help with name
We believe the group below is a picture taken in 1971 or 1972 at a Leesburg training.  We have been able to identify only two (2) people (Dave Doll and Paul Perconti) and we believe the other people are from other Xerox Branches around the country.

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