Larry Morris

Larry "Bear" Morris 2016
Larry (Sugar Bear) Morris  
Syracuse, New York 
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Xerox Years: 1972 – 1979
"I began my career with Xerox in 1972 and after extensive training and a difficult initiation, I was finally accepted as a “Roadrunner” in Evansville,  for four wonderful years".  

Larry and Tony Frazier (John in back)
"My Xerox years were great and a lifetime memory that will stay with me forever.  We had many great times and many successes.  We all worked hard and played hard, which (I believe) made Xerox the Great Company it was".
Paul Sauer and Larry Morris

"Upon departing from Xerox, my career took me to Eastman Kodak, Manpower Staffing, Excellus Health and finally today I am a District Director with The American Red Cross, in Syracuse New York".

Coach JR presenting many awards
"My wife “Salome” and I have 4 adult children and 2 wonderful Grandchildren.  Life is good"!

"I enjoy reading about many of my Xerox Tem Members on the Xerox 914 Club Blog, but there are some that haven’t provided their Bio/Profile that I would like to know about". 
    Ed and Vallerie   2016   Salome and Bear 

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Michelle Schluter-Ford said...

Hi Xerox Club folks. I am working on a tv series set in 1973 and am looking for a xerox 914 to rent for a scene that shoots next week. Does anyone know where I might be able to get my hands on one in the NYC/Northeast area?


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