Rev. Dave Wilde

Rev. Dave Wilde
David G. Wilde
Bloomfield, IN 47424
Phone: (Click Here)
Date of Birth: 8/20/1946

"With Xerox from 1973 to 1980, I worked for several sales managers but the one I remember the most was Paul Nagel.  Paul was a fun loving guy and we met our team goals and had fun doing it.  Paul was in a constant battle with his friend John Robinson, the Evansville satellite office manager.  I lived in Bowling Green, KY most of my career and had a large geographic territory in south central Kentucky".

"One of the funniest moments I remember was at a branch sales meeting, I stood up and pledged my complete allegiance and support to John Robinson and told John to acquire the Bowling Green, KY area under his team.  It brought a huge laugh and I think Paul forgave me because it was a total joke.  I also recall winning a seat on the bus to a UK football game and that bus was a wild place to be"!

"I worked for a short time after leaving Xerox for AM/Jacquard Systems and sold “Word Processors” before joining my long time ex-Xerox friend Gary Schuetz at E and S Sales and Service selling dictation equipment, typewriter and computer printer ribbons, and of course brand X copier toner!  
When I left Gary I joined Canon USA as a “Facsimile Specialist” which was a wholesale sales representative and company trainer.  I had the State of Indiana, excluding Evansville and Louisville.  I later was assigned Louisville, and Copy Corporation and Jim Kincer".  

"After two and one-half years of “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” I left Canon and joined Duplicator Sales & Service as a “Facsimile Specialist” and stayed with them for 10 years.  These years represented the best years I had in the industry because they treated us as “family” and we were a very close knit group like Xerox".

"Almost 30 years in the business equipment and systems business was enough, I was "spent" and searching for a new direction for my life.  I took the Walk to Emmaus spiritual retreat weekend and decided to give the rest of my life to selling the love of Jesus Christ and to become a minister.  I entered Lexington Theological Seminary in the spring semester of 2001 and graduated with my Masters of Divinity in May of 2005.  I was “Ordained” as a minister on May 29, 2005 and was called to be the senior minister of Bloomfield First Christian Church in Bloomfield, IN and became its pastor from 2006 until 2013".

"I am now retired but still serve this church as a guest speaker from time to time".  

Upon retirement, Dave and his wife, Win moved back to Louisville to be close to their children and three grandchildren.  Their son, David C. Wilde and his wife Carrie, and Dylan 4 1/2 and Dawson Wilde 1 1/2 recently moved back to Louisville, from Florida.  Their daughter, Laura Wilde Angermeier and husband Jeremy, and our granddaughter Addie live in Louisville and are active in our home church, Beargrass Christian Church.  

"I play guitar and enjoy fishing in many of the church members’ farm ponds in my free time.  I make a feeble attempt a couple of times a year at a game of golf.  We have a “Welsh Pembroke Corgi” puppy named “Chrissy” who always wants to play.  We enjoy going to movies and to dinner.  We will go wherever God leads us but we hope it won’t be too far from Louisville". 

Rev. Dave Wilde, (left)  and Terry Roark, (right) on Little Fox Lake.

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