Connie Haig

Connie Haig
Xerox 1974

I was with Xerox from 1974-1982 having been hired right out of college by Tom Beardon to be a Sr. Customer Rep.  Originally I was to work in Evanston but the position was closed by the region and I was assigned to Louisville.  I did my first interview with Xerox in Chicago – since I was from Illinois.  I was offered (after they tested me) a Sales position which I turned down.  Then I was offered my choice of working in Denver, Chicago or Louisville as a Customer Rep.  I picked Louisville because it was still close enough to my home town.  Believe I made the right choice!

Customer Reps were affiliated with Tech Reps and sometimes with Sales.  When we were shifted to Sales, Jim Kincer was my supervisor.  When we were shifted back I worked for Tom Bell and Eddie Brown.

I remember Louisville fondly and loved working for Xerox during such an exciting time.  When I left I was doing classes on 17 different products.  Let me mention a few:  660, 914, 4000, 4500, 2400, 3600, 9200, 9500/9600.  When the 9200 first came out I remember being assigned at a Sales promo meeting to babysit Col. Sanders who as very elderly at the time.

I also made several life-long friends while at Xerox such as Linda Hermann Biere, Donna Duval and Dee Patterson.
After leaving Xerox I moved to Los Angeles and worked for six years at The J. Paul Getty Museum (pictured left) in Malibu (the Villa.) 

At The Getty I was the manager of the Public Information Department.  I remember this as having been a very glamorous job especially with the parties in the evening at the Villa and guest lists which included dignitaries, from movie stars to Kings.  I married and had my daughter on my 35th birthday.

Divorced and moved to my hometown in Illinois where I decided to go back to school and get a Master’s Degree in Physics.  Who Knew?!  I remarried and at the time my husband, Yuki, was working for a California Congressman and was transferred to Washington, D.C. 

We all moved to Maryland.  Yuki presently works for the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and is an International Trade Advisor.  I found a job working for Orbital Sciences Corporation ( and worked there for 13 years as Sr. Technical Writer/Editor.  I most enjoyed the work which was on intergalactic spacecraft via NASA.  Here is a link to a project on which I did the editing and graphics.
Our daughter,  Laura, (pictured left) grew up graduated in 2008 from University of Maryland and now lives in Arizona. 
My husband (pictured right) is originally from Japan and here is the family in front of his parent’s home by Tokyo 2010.  We mostly work, but when we get the chance love to travel.  I am local leader in our religion ( and have two websites which I created to support educators all over the globe.                                                                     Click for more of Connie's pictures

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