Kathy Ludwig

Kathy Ludwig
Louisville, KY
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Birthday:  April 8

I worked with Xerox for 18 years, 
from June, 1977 through May, 1995.

My first assignment was in the billing department working for Joan Doris, and later for Carl DeVona.  At that time, Ted Lavek was the branch manager, followed by Jack Davis (Paul Perconti was the Branch Sales Manager), then the Branch Manager position was split between Tom Stuart(BPD) and Jim Conner (ISD).  Vickie Perdue of the infamous Bertha and Betty duo - more later on that.   

Ron Hoffman talked me into going into sales, where I was a CSR, replacing Ann Ketchum.  I worked with Kay Snider and Sandy Clark.  When Sandy moved into service, Sue Flagg completed our group.

We sold to small accounts (supplies and upgrading or selling them their rental copiers).  I remember selling pallets of toner to customers, that worked out of a trailer with the oil companies in southern Illinois.  They may have run 500 copies per month, so I would tell them to get the quantity discount and throw a sheet over the pallet to use for a conference table. good times.

I was paired with Tammy Franczek, plus John Robison's - Road Runners. to do telemarketing, and sell over the phone with Tammy or the Road Runners visiting the accounts when necessary.  Tammy was a recent IU graduate, and would call me from the road, complaining about the challenge of finding these out of the way towns and businesses. 

Later, when Bill Norvell became District Manager, replacing Tom Stuart, Kay and Sue had both moved on, I worked on marketing strategies for the direct sales force.  Since I had the latest technology, my 820 computer with the latest 8" floppy discs, I was ready to sail.  Once when Chris Hill first started selling - straight out of U of K, he accidently, tripped over the power cord.  My reaction must have been easily read, since he left my office on the fly, when I had to re-enter all my work that was lost.  (I learned to frequently back up my work, after that!)

When I began my direct sales in 1982, I sold in eastern KY for Rich Leake.  I learned the effectiveness of reference selling with the area banks : )  The president's all knew each other and just had to get more than their counterpart.  Like a 3107 rather than the 2600, or adding a Memorywriter with their new 2830.  After 9 months of K-Car demos and several stops for speeding along Hwy. 68, I switched to a Louisville assignment, where I called on my husband's employer Naegele Outdoor.  I told their president, he should buy a Xerox copier from me.  He said, what do you think your standing by?  It was a 914 monster, that pretty much took up the whole room.  I upgrade them to a 3107 with 2 reductions - WOW. Jim Smith was my manager, until I switched to major accounts working for Phil Charmoli, and finally Jack Colley.

I got to work and train with Phil and Don Henson and ended up getting Kodak kicked out of GE, and IBM out of U of L.  Once at GE one of the VP's secretaries told me I couldn't sell door to door in their building.  So, after she escorted me out of Building 4, I went to the side door and got my first demo.

Now, I'm with the Breland Group Realtors selling homes.  I started with Olympia Homes, where Dick Johnsen was president.  I sold new construction in Elizabethtown beginning in January, 2008.  My first year was a $5.5 million in sales.  Then the bottom fell out of the economy and housing industry, so I'm back selling new homes now in Louisville.

Working with people on their homes, has been a wonderful fit for me.  While at Olympia, I learned construction and material specifications, as well as lot selection and preparation and finally zoning and the inspections required prior to occupancy.  Also, I worked with the buyers as they decided how they wanted to customize their home.  This led me to working with suppliers and sourcing the products they desired.
My husband, Skip spends his time selling with Shooter's Supply, and training soldiers in sharp shooting, Our oldest son Chad and his fiance are getting married Nov. 5th, so I'm in the midst of planning the rehersal dinner now.  Chad is a financial advisor with Mass Mutual after completing his accounting and law degree at U of K.  Jeremy graduated from U of L in Business Management and is currently with an internet company Ikeyless.  Jeremy also has attended U of L's graduate school in Urban Planning and Development.

While the past few years have been a trial on everyone in the development, construction and real estate industry, our area is coming back now.  In fact, with the low interest rates this is the perfect time to buy.  Many times people think that since their home's current selling price is down from before, they should not tempt fate.  But, you will also be able to buy another home for a lower price than ever before now. 

I hope you'll call me, if you would like me to put a marketing plan together for you.  Please pass my information to your friends and families, too.

Call me! c - 502.558.4418
Breland Group Realtors
f - 502.451.1038
Highland's Office:
2616 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205
East Office:
9900 Shelbyville Road, Suite 1, Louisville, Ky 40223
I'll help make your dream home a reality.

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