Dan Oates

Dan Oates
Newburgh/Evansville, IN 
Birthday: 12/5/1945 

Xerox Experience: Evansville, 10/1972 – 1/1986 Xerox Managers: Tom Hefner, John Robinson, Dean Richards, Ron Hoffman, Jack Colley. Careers after left Xerox: Modern Business Systems (2 ½ Years, Linotype-Hell (6-years), BARCO Graphics (3-years), Varis Systems (2 ½ years), Scitex 1-year) and Management Recruiters of Newburgh (10-years).  In 1988, I changed industries and went into selling pre-press solutions when desktop publishing was becoming a big thing. I worked for 3-international firms that took me to Europe several times a year. I managed the western 2/3 of the US for Lintoype-Hell, North American Sales Director for BARCO Graphics and World Wide Sales Director for Varis (Start-up).                                                                                            
A friend and I started Management Recruiters of Newburgh in January 2000. He left the firm in 2007 to become a CEO of Bank Holding Company in Owensboro. I love my job and have no plans to retire any time soon. Website: http://www.mrnewburgh.com/Currently, President and Co-Founder of Management Recruiters of Newburgh. Personal Information: Married to Martha-31-years, we have 3 daughters (Shephanie, Kristen, Emily) and 5-grandchildren.I enjoy Golf, Gardening and Yard Work when not working.

Colonel Dan Oates, Veterans Day (2010) when he spoke to an 8th grade class at Castle South Middle School. After talking to the class, the teacher gave Dan letters from the students thanking veterans for what they have done for freedom. Dan said, "These are very special letters that I will treasure"
Colonel Dan Oates with Ralph Peters, Fox News commentator, New York Post Columnist and author of military issues and topics. He was the keynote speaker at a Reserve Officer Association Global Affairs Seminar at Ft Harrison on Saturday 11/13/10 Below are some super pictures of the Vietnam Delta Bird Dog Reunion:The First 3-pictures below were taken at the Vietnam Delta Bird Dog Reunion. I got an opportunity to go up and I flew it from the backseat for about 25 minutes. It was so exciting and the memories rushed back from 40+ years ago. Once I got in the plane (It was much more difficult because of my knees and I am sligtly larger by some 50 pounds), the smell, the sound of the engine starting and the feel on roll-out, take-off and landing was exactly as I remembered.      

The following three pictures are from 40+ years ago when Dan was in Vietnam!
Dan Oates 
Portrait given to Dan from Martha. 
Editors Note: Dan we thank you for your service to our country!

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We thank you for your military service to our country!

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