Dick Snider

Dick Snider 1978
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Dick Snider  
Louisville, KY
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Dick was an excellent XEROX sales representative during the 1970's and early 80's in the Louisville Branch.  He was a very high energy, high integrity, southern gentleman and a good friend to everyone that knew him.  

In additional to being an outstanding sales representative, he was the drummer with the famous local musical group "The Monarchs"   

Dick Snider 2013
Dick left Xerox in 1982 to become Vice President of Thornton Oil Company in Louisville where he had total responsibility for petroleum and non-petroleum marketing until 1989 at which time he assumed responsibility for "fleet fueling sales" and  corporate affairs until 1999 at which time he accepted a position with York Companies for a while, before becoming the General Sales Manager, Innovative Electronic Desrsigns (IED) at IED On Call here in Louisville.

Today, he is the General Sales Manager for (IED) Innovative Electronic Design, LLC and General Manager for Innovative Electronic Design Support Services (IEDSS).  
Kay Snider 2013
He and Kay were married  in the mid '70s, while both were working with Xerox and today they still live in the Louisville area.    They have two adult daughters (Sarah and Ellen) and a son (Richard) who lives in Colorado.  On July 31, 2013 Dick became a Grandfather for the first time.....a Granddaughter named Harper Rae born in  Breckinridge, Colorado.   Congratulations !!!!

Click here for a video of  "This Old Heart"  by Dick and the Monarchs.
Click here for a video of Dick playing drums at his daughters 2013 wedding "Ellen and Kevin's Wedding" Dick plays drums with the "Endless Summer Band"!

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