Ken Waters

Ken Waters 2013
Ken Waters   
Shelbyville, KY 

Ken was with Xerox from 1970 until 1994.  His first 4 years were as a service Tech then he was promoted to Service Trainer and Tech Specialist for the next 20 years!  While working with Xerox in 1987 Ken purchased a farm in Shelbyville and did some farming while working with Xerox.   As many of us know, Kens wife Debbie passed away in 1983.  Ken retired from Xerox in 1994 and he also married his high school sweetheart, Jean
(an attorney) in the same year.  After Ken retired from Xerox in 1994, he founded a “Security and Home automation Company”.  He has two adult children and looking forward to grandchildren. 

Today, Ken and Jean still reside on his farm in Shelbyville and spends his time farming, gardening and "blowing bubbles"! Click Here to see Kens Bubble Blowing  . In fact Ken grows much more that he and Jean need so he participates in the Shelbyville Farmers Market from April  From May until the end of season. Click for Gallrien Farms.
Kens Crop

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