Carol (Reid) Whayne

Carol (Reid) Whayne     
Louisville, KY
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Derby 1976
My Xerox career began in September 1972. Apparently, persistence landed me the job as the first female Sales Representative to work in the Louisville Branch.  In 1986, after fourteen years, I left Xerox to become a Sales Manager for a local office supply and furniture company and became the Direct Sales Manager for Cellular One in 1987,  In 1990 relocated to Sacramento as their Major Account Marketing Manager.

In 1992, I was fortunate to return to Xerox, in Louisville, as an Outsourcing Sales Rep under George Hodgson, who was then General Manager.  I had a total of twenty years with Xerox before I retired in February of 1998.

Coincidently, in January 1998, I married Roy Whayne of Whayne Supply Company, one of my accounts at the time.  We were very happily married until August of 2007, when he passed away.

My two grown daughters are happily married and I am a proud Grandmother of five.  Caroline, my oldest is 8 years old, twins Ryan and Reid are 6, Hank is 3 and Hayden is almost 2.

Most of my time is spent tending to my grandchildren, whom I adore.  I am in a book club, a bridge club, on the Ballet Board, on the Holy Trinity School Board, and involved with Home of the Innocents.  I wrote a book entitled “A Grandmother’s Lullaby”, which you can view on my web site (

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Michelle Schluter-Ford said...

Hi Xerox Club folks. I am working on a tv series set in 1973 and am looking for a xerox 914 to rent for a scene that shoots next week. Does anyone know where I might be able to get my hands on one in the NYC/Northeast area?


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