Ron Hoffman

Ron Hoffman
Lexington, KY
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Ron was with Xerox throughout the 1970's and served in several leadership positions. He started as a Sales Representative, then as a Duplicator Specialist, a very difficult budget carrying, leadership role that required him to accomplish the duplicator targets through the regular sales team, he had to train review and work with the sales teams throughout the branch.  Later Ron was assigned the important job of training new hires (ASR Trainer) and finally he became the 9200 Manager when the 9200 was first introduced.  I remember Ron managed the "Kick Off" of the new 9200 with Jim Connors and others.  It was an outstanding Kick off at the Gault House in Louisville of which Colonel Sanders of KFC Fame and Xerox VP Jim Keil were present. After Xerox, Ron worked with Humana in several positions for a number                                              of years, until his retirement in Lexington, KY 
Paul Logsdon and Ron Hoffman
1972 Duplicator Countdown Contest

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