George Hodgson

George Hodgson 
Noblesville, IN
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In early 1971 I was fortunate enough to be hired as a sales trainee by Tom Ossenford. I thought ‘my ship had come in’ until I realized I had to compete for a territory. In my case I was competing against Phil Charmoli who was formidable competition! So I got out of Dodge (Louisville) having been hired by the Lexington sales manager Gary Stitz. (There’s a name from the past for you)  I followed Ron Hoffman and quickly found out there would be no gimmie easy deals lying around. I think Ron left me with a 660 upgrade from an 813! I of course tried to pass on that tradition to the young whippersnapper who followed me – Jimmy Kincer!!

Three decades later I retired from Xerox as General Manager for XBS Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. I held a lot of positions in between but, my fondest memories are the great times and many friends from the old Louisville Branch. I was fortunate enough to be a position-player on the world beating Gem Team working for “The Great One” Paul Logsdon,  and later for the awesome Roadrunners working for the “One and Only” Coach John Robison!! I can tell you coming from the GEM Team to the Roadrunners it took awhile to prove my loyalty……..they were a suspicious bunch thinking I was a GEM Team spy!! To this day the Coach is still grilling me on the subject!!

My lovely wife Renee and I have been married for 26 years and have three sons.  Garrett, our oldest is a graduate of Indiana University and this fall will be starting his last year of law school at Northwestern University in Chicago.  Our middle son Travis is a graduate of the Kelly Business School at Indiana University and in Chicago. Our youngest Christian is in high school.  
Since my retirement I have been in business with a long time dear friend and old customer from Ft Wayne Indiana. He sold his business, Instant Copy of Indiana which was state wide, about the time I retired. He and I planned to start a consulting business. However Xerox asked me if I would stay on awhile to mentor new GM’s. I agreed and it turned into a year long project with the GM and management team in Chicago and New York Midtown. On days I wasn’t traveling I was in Ft Wayne and we began trading the market. That has evolved over time, and today we are managing investment portfolios.  

My hobbies and interest include working-out four to five days a week, and playing golf. The garden behind my picture is only part of a large hostas garden I have built, with trails, etc. That ongoing project has been a lot of fun. Prior to having time for those interests during the summers I was a baseball coach for all my sons until they reached high school. That includes many long summers as a travel team coach. But, what fun and man the kids could play ball! I must share the height of my success was being named, just one summer, to head coach for the JV team for Brebeuf Jesuit High School in Indy. My middle son was on the team, how great is that? At the time my oldest son was playing varsity, and that year was named All-Marion County (Indy) First Team. Of course while coaching I tapped the expertise of that great Indiana State University starting catcher, and friend of the Xerox Louisville Branch – Ron Zuk!!  

Thanks to The Xerox 914 Club for the shared trips down memory lane. Wow, it seems like a life-time ago. But, what great experiences for us all.

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