Paul Logsdon

Paul Logsdon
Louisville, KY
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Retired from Xerox in 1979 after Bill 
Allen and I bought the Command Performance Salon franchises for Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina.

We opened salons in Louisville, Charleston and Columbia South Carolina and Memphis Tennessee. Plus two in Lexington with K. David Robertson. I also started a printing business and a packaging and shipping service with my sons in the eighties.

I sold the last of my businesses in 1996 and retired. Ruth and I still live in the same house we built in Plainview in 1975 while at Xerox.   

We have three children, Mark, Paula and Scottplus a grandson Chris who is a freshman at U of L.

Our main retirement activities have been Motor Home travel throughout the country and the many cruises to Europe, Alaska, Mexico, Panama Canal and the Caribbean. Editors Comment: Paul Logsdon has every prize or trophy he ever won from Xerox (still in the packaging)!       
           Walt Schultz-Tom Ruff -Vic Arnold-Gary Schuetz-Jerry Gardner-Paul Logsdon-George Hodgson-Dick Rudzik

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