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Ed Tuggle    
Topeka, KS
passed away Monday December 29, 2014 of  ARDS. 

Ed was with Xerox from 1973 until 1981, he started in the Lexington Area Sales Office for manager K David Robertson.  He later worked out of the Louisville Branch and ended his Xerox career as an Area Manager in Rockford IL.  Ed was an excellent sales representative and manager for Xerox, he was and is very good with people.  He has a comfortable  professional style, builds great relationships with his customers and was not afraid of work!  Ed worked in Lexington during the days that the team was made op of Oscar Wiygel, Bob Mahoney, Skip Winfree, Ray Kemp, Jim Kincer and Jim McCubbin.   He is from Monticello, KY and graduated from Eastern Kentucky University prior to joining Xerox.  
After Xerox, in 1981, he went to work as National Sales Manager for Batesville Casket Company, the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of death care products.  Ed left Batesville in 1994 to join Newcomer Funeral Services.  Before retiring, Ed became the Executive VP and COO at Newcomer, in Topeka, KS.  Newcomer is a 100 year old, nationwide funeral home company, with over 40 funeral homes, providing the highest quality service to every family served.  

Edward Tuggle, 63, of Topeka, passed away Monday, December 29, 2014.

He was born November 21, 1951, in Somerset, Kentucky, the son of Eugene and Mary Ina(Selvidge) Tuggle. He received his Bachelor's Degree from Eastern Kentucky University. He served in the Army Reserve.

Immediately after graduation, Edward started his career with Xerox as part of their elite sales team. In 1981, Ed left as a manager and relocated to Indiana to continue his career in sales with Batesville Casket Company. After terms as both regional and divisional directors, in 1989 Ed was appointed Vice President of the sales organization. In 1994 he left Batesville Casket to join Newcomer Funeral Service Group as EVP, Chief Operating Officer. He passionately loved his family, old westerns, Kentucky basketball and extra-thick chocolate milk shakes.    Click here to read Obituary


Ken Heim said...

Thanks for the updates Jim. Everyone is pulling for Ed.

Ken Heim

Larry Jakobi said...

Hi Jim,

I hope you are doing well. I am so sorry to hear about Ed , I will keep him in my prayers !

David Doll said...

I continue to keep praying for you Ed and your speedy recovery. God will bless you! Keep having FAITH! He has a plan for you! When you heal and get better please make sure that you tell all other people around you constantly the miracle that God did in your life when he healed you and made you better!
Love your Brother Dave

Ed Lloyd said...

Thanks for the update. I haven't heard from him for the past couple of weeks.

He is in my prayers.


Pat Clemons said...

Ed you may not remember me but I was at Xerox for 33 years and did a little of everything. I have had YOU on the prayer chain since I first heard of your illness. We are praying for you and your family.
Pat Clemons

Tonii Rizzo said...

Ed's passing puts life in prospective and to appreciate every minute of life.

Dave Wilde said...

Thanks for sharing, I did send some personal comments to the family. He was a good person and a fine sales rep while at Xerox.

Eddie Brown said...

We will keep Es's family in our prayers.

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