Robert "Bob" Mahoney

Robert "Bob" Mahoney
Georgetown, IL
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Note from Jim Kincer: Bob was a sales representative in Lexington for K. David Robertson in the early 1970's during the same time  I worked there, along with Skip Winfree, Jim McCubbin, Ed Tuggle, George Hodgson, Bob Black, Ray Kemp, Glenn Baugh and Dick Rudzik.

Here is what Bob had to say when I first contacted him:

"OMG!  You can't imagine how often I think of Lexington, Xerox and the people I had the opportunity to work with. My success was the experience of being exposed to men and women who were very skilled, intelligent and it certainly helped me....I used all that I ever learned from those people in my future endeavors". 

"All news about Xerox people is interesting to read.  My memory is still very strong and I can think back to many things which happened while at Xerox.....It was a good experience and I had a great opportunity to work with great people such as you and the other Lexington ASO people"!  

"I learned more from my Xerox days than anywhere else I worked.  PSS (Professional Selling Skills) is still engrained in my mind!!  I have used these skills many times since I left Xerox in sales and non-sales positions". 

"My greatest memory of you is when we (the team) created the movie (16MM!!), "The Day in the Life of a Xerox Salesman".  As I think about it now, for its time it was rather "edgy".  I am surprised we were allowed to even show it at the annual Regional Meeting".

"My Ft. Lauderdale training and association with the quality people at Xerox gave me the tools to spend twenty successful years with the Quaker Oats Company in Danville, Illinois".  

"I finished my working career at The Quaker Oats Company cereal manufacturing plant in Danville, Illinois as a production supervisor.  It was mostly a great place to work!!!  I retired soon after it was sold PepsiCo"!  

"The sale of Quaker brand to PepsiCo was fortuitous for me as I had been purchasing Quaker stock through the 401-K program for twenty years and the sale reaped a really nice escalation of stock values which continued to improve until my retirement!  Work became history...I thought.  I have been retired for over 14 years now and as much as I thought retirement might be slow and boring, I find it to be anything but".  

"Soon after I left Quaker, I secured a teaching certificate to be a substitute teacher, to keep me busy.  I spent twelve years doing just that and, for the most part, loved every minute of it.  Many times I rued the initial direction of my college education toward business, when in fact, my real success could possibly have been as a teacher.  I enjoyed it immensely...even the less than happy parts when discipline was necessary".   
"So, all in all, I have no real regrets with where life has taken us. Sandi and I have lived a good life and do the things that we want to do!  We live in Georgetown, IL, celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary this year, have four fantastic grandchildren and a two-year-old great-granddaughter.  We both have good health and I will take good health over anything else just about any day of the week"!

"Xerox was a fantastic company and the experience with them resulted in many extended excellent careers".   Bob Mahoney

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