Ted Laveck

Ted Laveck in 1971
Ted Laveck
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Ted was the Xerox - Louisville Branch Manager in the early 1970's.  After Xerox, Ted joined Bell Technologies, Inc in Orlando, Florida in 1988 (first known as FW Technologies) where Ted and Pam made their residence in Winter Park, Florida.  He became the President and the first non-family, chairman of Bell Technologies before he retired in 1997 at 62 years young.   While with Bell, Ted completed a merger with "Group Financial Partners" and "Tube Turns", both in Louisville, KY and "Group Technologies" of Tampa, FL.  He then took the new, larger company (Bell Technologies) public!

Today, Ted and Pam live in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (in the Prestigious Sawmill Country Club Community) near Jacksonville, Florida, where they still enjoy golf and spend as much time as possible with their four children and eight grandchildren.  Ted is currently President of the Home Owners Association and a board member of the Sawgrass board of directors.   

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