Bill Hinton

Bill Hinton 2015
Bill Hinton
Louisville, KY

Bill was with the Xerox Corporation from the early beginning of the Louisville Branch.  Prior to Xerox, he worked with GE as a territory manager.  Bill was a major account manager (and particularly the GE account manager) for all of the time that I worked with him.  He was an outstanding salesman and was always on or above plan.  
Phyllis and Bill 2016

During his final years at Xerox, Bill and Don Henson began building houses and learned the land-development business.  After retiring from Xerox Bill became one of the largest developers in the Louisville area.  He and Phyllis still live in Louisville.  

Today, Bill's health is good and he still hunts and fishes as often as possible, in fact, he and friends have been hunting in North Dakota several times a year for the past 15 years.  Bill has been and is a very good friend and I value that friendship very much.  Bill and Phyllis are two of the nicest people that I know!
Phyllis and Bill 2018

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