Very Old Pictures of David Doll

David Doll found some old pictures.  I ask if we may post to our 914 Blog and he said: 
"Yes of course you can post!  I was in combat during the TET Offensive Feb 1968, for about 6 weeks.  I won soldier of the month for my company, then won brigade, then battalion and then for all of Vietnam and received auto promotion to Specialst E-5,  Got my pic taken with General Westmoreland.  I was very proud of this achievement"!  "1967-68, Feb 6 was TET Offensive when we came under attack every day! Dalat, VietNam, then last 5 months in Cam Rahn Bay where it was safer.  Got shot at several times in Dalat, but never had to shoot back, Scared really bad several times"!  "I made the best of the situation, studied French at a monastery, went to schools for microwave cross training.  In Germany after VietNam, I even went to Secret Crypto School in Southern Bavaria Germany. Before finishing and leaving Germany, I could speak Deutchen well enough to fool the germans, that was fun".
Thanks Dave

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Anonymous said...

DAVE, these are super pictures, thanks for your service to our country!

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