John Robison's Newest "Roadrunners"

John Robison's Newest RoadRunners
Pictures were taken by JR while on vacation in London.
Location London Piccadilly Circus *(Middle of Sept 2010)
Pictures were taken by JR while in London on vacation.


Jim Kincer said...

I must agree with Ed, they remind me of some of the old Roadrunner Gang!

George Hodgson said...

Those are the original Roadrunners...........morning after a blitz evening gathering!!!!!! I would recognize the "Fonz" anywhere!!!!!! Coach is trying to put one over on us!!!!!

Ed Tuggle said...

Rather similar to the original group he hired. Take no prisoners!!
Ed Tuggle

Paul Logsdon said...

Someone once said John would probably raise his standards. Looks like he is trying too hard.

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